Redirection is a WordPress plugin to create and manage redirects.


How to install the plugin automatically, manually, and on multisite.

Getting Started

Basic information about the plugin and where to find things.

What is a Redirect?

Basic information about the plugin and where to find things.

Create & Manage Redirects

Learn about the Redirection interface and how to create and manage redirects.

Matching a URL

What is a URL and how to match it.

Redirect Matches

Redirection can match things other than the URL, such as login status, referrer, and user agent.

Redirect Actions

As well as redirecting to another URL you can do other actions.

Dynamic URLs

Insert dynamic data, and transform existing data, in a target URL.


Users of larger sites may find groups a useful way to organise redirects.

Site Options

Configure settings that affect your entire site.


Once you’re setup, monitoring your redirects gives useful feedback.

404 Errors

See where 404 errors are occurring on your site and fix them.

Regular Expressions

Match multiple URLs using wildcards.


Bulk import and export redirects from and too Apache and Nginx. Also import from other plugins.


General configuration options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common questions.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs and suggest new features on Github.

Common Problems

A list of common problems and solutions.

Beta Releases

How to try beta releases or old versions.

Privacy & GDPR

How GDPR and other local privacy laws relate to Redirection.

Disable Redirection

If your site breaks you can disable Redirection and make changes.

Redirecting Another Site

Redirecting an external site can be tricky. Find out more here.