Privacy & GDPR

Redirection runs on your site. It is not an external service and does not require external connections.

You are in control of what data is collected, if any. This is all available from the Logging section on the options page. There are no other relevant options. Disable them all if you do not want to store any data.

You should adjust the settings to suit the requirements of the country or countries you operate in.

Any privacy or GDPR compliance issues are the responsibility of the site owner. Nothing is stored externally.

Use of the plugin does not constitute an agreement of any kind, and Redirection is not a service provider. All privacy related information is contained on this page – there is no further information.

URL checker, Geo Location, and User Agent

Redirection provides a way to get more information from an IP address, a URL, or a user agent through the use of an external service. If you use these features you will send that piece of data to the external service where it is parsed and further information returned.

The only information sent to the service is the URL, the IP, or the user agent, depending on what service you use.

You do not need to use these features, they are not automatic, and are purely provided as informational.

If you disable IP collection the Geo Location feature will not be available.

All information is stored on your server. It is not necessary to contact us for further details.