Redirection 5.0

Redirection 5.0 adds some important new features:

  • Caching support
  • Migrated permalink structures
  • Dynamic URL variables


You can now use an object cache to cache redirects. This will improve performance, particularly with regular expressions.

Caching support is currently marked as beta, and can be enabled from the options page.

Migrated Permalink Structures

You can now enter old permalink structures and Redirection will perform all of the redirects without needing to enter any redirects or regular expressions.

This option is also marked as beta, and can be found on the Site page.

Dynamic URL variables

A set of shortcodes can be entered into a target URL and will be replaced at runtime. You can use these to insert data, such as usernames, and even transform a URL, such as converting it from upper to lower case.

The current supported shortcodes are:

  • User ID
  • User login
  • Time (Unix)

The following transforms are supported:

  • MD5
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Convert underscores to dashes
  • Convert dashes to underscores

More information can be found on the Dynamic URLs support page.

Other improvements

  • Add fully automatic database upgrade option
  • Add a new version release information prompt
  • Improve performance when many redirects have the same path
  • Move bulk all action to a separate button after selecting all
  • Fix error in display with restricted capabilities
  • Avoid problems with 7G Firewall
  • Improve handling of invalid encoded characters

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