Redirection 4.4 beta

The main feature of version 4.4 is around the display of redirects and logs. Each page now has a fully configurable list of information:

More information can be shown than is currently available.

As well as this you can filter the results to show specific records:

As well as search on different types of data:

Overall version 4.4 adds the following features:

  • Add ‘URL and language’ match
  • Add page display type for configurable information
  • Add ‘search by’ to search by different information
  • Add filter dropdown to filter data
  • Add warning about relative absolute URLs
  • Add 451, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 error codes
  • Fix multiple ‘URL and page type’ redirects
  • Improve invalid nonce warning
  • Encode replaced values in regular expression targets

Check it out here.

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