Redirection 3.6 and the road to 4.0

Redirection 3.6 has been released and brings with it major enhancement to the management of 404 errors.

Group by URL and IP

The 404 log can now be grouped by URL or IP, and this shows where you need to focus your attention:

A group of URLs can be redirected or ignored in one action. You can even select multiple URLs and apply a bulk action to them all.

This makes it easier to identify and fix your biggest 404 problems without having to sift through unimportant requests.

In addition to this, troublesome IP addresses can be blocked.

IP and 404 match

These two new matches allow you to match a URL along with an IP or a WordPress 404. Use this to allow your own IP address access to a site otherwise fully redirected, or automatically redirect removed products from a store.

The Road to 4.0

Some big changes are on the way as Redirection approaches version 4.0. This will include case insensitive matches, trailing slashes, improved handling of encoded URLs, and the ability to ignore or pass through query parameters.

These features will necessitate changes to the Redirection database structure.

If you have a large or complicated Redirection setup and are ok sharing your Redirection data then please get in touch. It will be very useful to have different data sets to test with to ensure this upgrade process is painless.

Additionally, if you have thoughts about how you’d like to see Redirection match URLs then also please do get in touch.

Finally, version 4.0 will drop support for versions of PHP older than 5.4.

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