Why is it redirecting?

Sometimes a redirect will keep happening, even if you have deleted the redirect or disabled Redirection. It’s easy to think that Redirection is responsible for all the redirects on your site, but this is not the case, and redirects can come from many other places.

  • Cache – Your browser or your server may have cached a redirect. Clearing your cache usually solves this
  • Another plugin – other plugins can cause redirects too
  • WordPress – WordPress itself can also cause redirects, for various reasons
  • Server configuration – redirects in .htaccess and Nginx can override everything

If you disable Redirection then it is not running and is not redirecting your site.

How can I tell if Redirection is the cause?

  1. Go to https://redirect.li/http/ and enter your URL
  2. Look through the HTTP headers for x-redirect-agent 
  3. If the header isn’t present then Redirection is not responsible for the redirect

How can I work out what is causing the redirect?

If you are using Redirection 4.9 or newer then you can enable the ‘log external redirects’ option from the options page. If the redirect is performed inside Redirection then it will log it within the log table.